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Forecasts are inconsistent, plans are invalid, foresights are weak. Uncertainty and chaos are everywhere in the world economy and politics. In this turbulent environment, Çevik Destek works with only the best minds to help you in strategic positioning, government subsidies, export management and investment diplomacy.

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Çevik Destek is working inside and outside the bureaucracy, beyond corporate boundaries. It is a network of talents with deep expertise in multiple fields. It establishes requisite teams for strategic interpretation and operations and deploys them to the field. We not only offer export market analysis but also we establish your export infrastructure and guide you in navigating complex environment. We develop solutions to your investment financing needs through our intensive interaction with global connections.

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At the Çevik Destek Export Academy, our qualified experts work with young talents on specific projects. Export appropriateness analysis, export strategy and planning, methods of identifying target markets and prices, collection and use of trade intelligence, digital systems and export organization, trade diplomacy and all other phases of export operations are among the applied training content. Çevik Destek invests in our people without any profit motive.



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